Saturday, December 1, 2012

We bought a lot!

 So we finally bought a lot so we could build our/my dream house. We bought a lot in Howard Ranch. It's funny because shorty after I came here kicking and screaming I came across this neighborhood but we already had bought a home. I was attracted to this neighborhood right away. So much so that I have driven through it for the last six years every time I passed it. It is one of those neighborhoods that just seemed like a blast from the past. The homes in there look like homes from he early 1900's. Front porches, screened porches, gas lights, and a beautiful covered bridge. The picture above will be the view from the front of our/my dream home. I'm super excited even though it will take about nine months to build and move in there. I feel like I'm birthing a perfect baby except I can drink! We may have over paid a bit for our lot but I feel this is where we are supposed to be. I picked a great floor plan...courtesy of my bestie Erin. We are tweaking it a bit so an architect is working on it as I write. Hubs and I went head to head on what we wanted. We thought we had come to reasonable terms. That was until we met the architect in front of the property. The day we met her it was cold. We all ended up in Hub's truck talking about it. She was making suggestions and I was all like...Yes, yes. yes! Hub's was all like how much more will that be and no, no, no! I told Hub's he was the one who made me move out of my last dream house so this one was going to be exactly the way I wanted. The problem is Pinterest has rocked my beer budget to a champagne one. We ended up having words in front of her. She seemed totally annoyed with us. I said "Sorry" when we all got out of the truck. All she said was she was used to it and had seen worst. She hasn't seen anything yet since this was our first meeting. If we make through this we may just be the rock stars of marriage.
This will be our backyard. The picture doesn't do it justice. I kind of feel like it is the field where Bella first found out her Vamp looked like a diamond covered popsicle. This home we are building will be a home straight out of Southern Living magazine...really..I'm not kidding! I picked a floor plan right out of that magazine courtesy of Erin. I am putting the scary Kerry tweaks on it though! I do feel overwhelmed by the whole thing. Sometimes I think things look better in my head. They sometimes do not turn out or look like what's in my head. This scares me. I do have some great friends to put their two cents in during this. I hope it ends up being everything I see in my head. I hope I'm still married at the end of this too. Hub's and I have built two homes together and bought a third home together. The first was no problem. We had no extra money to do anything but build that bitch. So there were no fights. Our first mortgage was less than our last houses tax bill per month. Life was carefree back then. Our second house we had very little extra cash to do upgrades so we added wood brainer. We did end up putting extra money into that house through the years. Like the brand new carpet upstairs we put in two weeks before Hub's got transferred. I guess it made the house sell in three weeks! Our last house was truly amazing. I have said it on here before..I never thought I would own a house like that. We did some great things to it as well. Stone walls and great shutters come to mind. I don't miss the house as much as I thought I would. We did get out with our down payment but all the extras we ate for sure. I have big ideas for this house...the kind that has Hub's urging me to get a job. Like I said I hope we make it. This is the first house that we will truly design for us.

So today I met one of my old besties for lunch and some outlet shopping. We met when I worked as a sales person for Havertys. I was about 26 at the time. I had just had the not so charming prince. She used to babysit for him. Long story short we became fast friends did things I can not blog about. I set her up with her husband and they now have two kids. There is a big long crazy history between us. So anyway we ate lunch at a place she'll understand this later in the story. We ate our lunch and then shopped. I was supposed to be Xmas shopping. Which I did a little bit of. Then we ended up in Black house White Market...I Xmas shopped for myself in did she...just saying! We then headed to the loft which had nothing this time. I told her I wanted to head over to Kirklands since they took all these out of Austin. I was in line with at least 70 dollars worth of stuff when I got a cramp. The line was long so I put my stuff down and looked for a bathroom. I saw a restaurant and ran to it. It was vacant. I saw another restaurant and ran to it...It was not open. I ran and I mean ran back to my car. My friend was in the parking lot. She was like "Are you leaving me?". I said I need a bathroom fast. She said there is a bathroom over there. She pointed to a car ride away. I said I would meet her there.

I believe I had food poisoning from Logan's. I had to call her to say I was going home cause I didn't make it. Hub's did save 70 plus dollars I had to leave at the Kirklands counter.  All she did was laugh at me. I was not laughing at this point. So I drove home. I happened to be an hour away from home. Long drive just saying. I text my sis because I knew she would get a laugh. I called one of my raunchy friends because I knew I could laugh with her all the way home. Sweat covered my face, I feared getting into an accident or being pulled over. Did I say it was the longest drive of my life???? This is the first and only time I hope something like this happens to me! I call Hub's to find out where he is. He is at our old neighbors house. I tell him to take his time coming home. I'm cutting it close to when the middle and HS kid gets home. I call both of them to see where they are. I'm about ten minutes ahead of everyone. My friend calls me to tell me she too feels shit! I get home and run to the shower. While I'm in there Hub's and the kids come home. They are all yelling what's that smell. I say don't ask...really!!!!!! They figure out what happened. Hub's is not concerned that I'm sick with food poisoning. He is worried about the car. It does smell bad but geez! My kids can not stop laughing. But geez, I was sick, really feeling like fool.

I get all cleaned up and we head to Aidan's baseball party. Still not feeling right I go with the flow. We have a great time. Aidan takes a friend home for a while. When it's time for him to leave we take Dads car. Cole is like are you too ashamed to take yours???? No buddy, not ashamed because I was sick just waiting for the smell to go away. Now don't be laughing too hard at this story. This happened to a friend of mine about a year back. When she told me I belly laughed for weeks/months/ a year at her. Karma is a bitch! My grammar sucks for sure I'm too sick too proof read. All I have to say to at this point is life can be shitty!

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