Monday, November 25, 2013

We need a sex ed teacher in this house.

So we are still having a good laugh over here. Laughing about Cole thinking a tampon is a pregnancy test. Tonight we went to a fab dinner party. Thankful for the great friends we have here. When we got home we were all around the table chatting. Blake...aka...the not so charming prince was gracing us with his presence. So I start to tell him the story about Cole thinking a tampon is a pregnancy test. We laugh a lot! We are pretty bad about laughing at each others short comings in this house. Cole tries to say he really knew and was messing with me. He's totally lying. So Blake says "do you know what a tampon is now?????". Cole says..."Yes, it's when a girl pees out blood". Blaaaa, haaaaa. haaa! Close but no cigar! Like I said I'm thankful for this naive boy.

I don't even know how but the topic of circumcision comes up. So Blake says..."Cole, do you know what that is??". He makes this face like he is stupid for asking and says..."Of course I do". Blake says..."Well what is it". He calmly says.."It's when a man gets his penis enlarged". I almost choke and say..."Where did you hear that?". He says..."I saw it on a movie". "Well hot shot, your wrong once again". He looks at me like I have three heads and says..."I'm right". Blake pipes in as he's laughing and says..."Your so wrong". So I start a conversation I didn't see coming on the extra skin that is cut off on a penis. Cole listens and says..."Did you get rid of my extra skin?". I say.."Yes, it's done when your a baby". He asks a really good question. He says..."Who decided we didn't need that skin and that it needs to be cut off???".  I pee a bit and say..."Ya know, I have no idea, but I bet it was a women".

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