Monday, May 10, 2010

Rick Trevino

Saturday night hubby and me headed to the Nutty Brown cafe to see our friend Rick Trevino's band. He was one of the opening acts for Jerry lee Lewis. I drove the tour bus in for them. Just kidding I can't hardly drive my SUV let alone a tour bus.
His wife Karla and me have a great time catching up. Last time I saw her she was a Blondie. She kind of makes me want to cross over to the dark side.

Rick and his band were great. This was their first time playing at the nut. He just got back from overseas, he was there playing for the troops.

The nut was crazy for people watching that night. There were tons of people that pretty much came in costume. I wish I would have known, I felt a bit out of place. All these people that were there that night were pretty much covered in tattoos.
This guy was rock in the house all night. He never seemed to stop. He reminded me of the energizer bunny, that or he was a whack on crack.
Here is Rick, we met him and his family in Padre two years ago. We were there with our friends and they set up their tent next to ours. We all ended up hitting it off and hung out all week together. Funny thing is they only live about fifteen minutes from our house.
Does anyone see the girl who put the "C" on cougar????? It's girls like this that give us girls in our forties that most annoying cougar label. I would much rather be called a PUSSYcat!
Tattoos everywhere, it was crazy like a convention for ink! Jesse James would have had a field day here between the tattoos and cougars. Probably would not have been a good thing for his addiction that favorite cop out when men cheat called "sex addiction".
Another crazy character. I liked her get up the best though. She looked pretty good.

I couldn't believe how Jerry lee Lewis rocked out! He is old, his energy amazes me. It was a great show. When he did great balls of fire he actually got up and did a little jig.

Were hanging out on Rick's tour bus listening to some crazy song and laughing our asses off. Karla and me are talking about how tough it is to have a middle school boy. Randy Rodgers band came in to meet Rick that was kind of cool since we have seen them a few times but never met them. I was a little star struck......they were really young!

We left the bus to hang out side to watch the man! He really did put on a great show.

It was so great to see Rick and Karla.
Fun time, even better people watching! The best part is I got a night off from the little people I live with.

We had a blast, I'm so glad we went.
We ended the night with a drink in the bus.

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