Thursday, February 28, 2013

There's a few boys who stole my heart.

 I laughed when I saw this quote on Facebook. Thinking there's a few boys in this house that stole my heart. They also stole my sanity, my time, my mornings, my nights, my weekends, my TV, my computer, my money, my youth, my hair, and my sleep. I hope someday they realize all we give up to give them everything they need. They owe me their first million. I will take their first born girl too.

I saw this on Facebook too. It kind of made me pee my pants. Well I can sneeze and pee my pants now a days. Oh yes, my kids stole my normal bladder too. Today after I drove the kids to school I went back to bed. Your shocked right. In my defense I had only had five hours of sleep when I woke up. I had one of those nights where I couldn't fall asleep to save my life. This building a house crap is on my brain. When I went back to bed I dreamed the scale at the Zumba place was wrong. I really weighed ten pounds less than it said. I was so excited since I've been Zumbaing for two and a half months now. Then I woke up.....Damn it.

Cole..aka...Drama went with me to Zumba tonight. We did an hour and a half of it. He was a hit. He was front and center and kept up with the teacher better than me. He had a great time. After we were done he said..."I don't know what you ladies were groaning about, I feel great". He's got a lot to learn about what not to say to ladies who just Zumba'd their asses off!

The other day a text came through from Hubs. It was a picture of a big bare ass. It said.."Super Hot". I text back .."WTF, why are you sending me a giant ass picture?". He text back that's what I left this am. I then realize it's my giant bare ass. I guess I had another hot flash in the night and stripped off my pants. I text back..."Your an asshole". He text back "You should blog about it and add this picture". He's not the blogs biggest fan. So I blogged about it to piss him off. Maybe it will teach him not to send me unflattering pictures of my ass.

We finally got the finished set of blueprints on the house today. I had the lady change up the front a bit. Hubs asked me if I was happy. I say "Yes". I ask him if he's happy with it. He says..."I'm happy if you are". I have to call bullshit on that statement. He has fought me on a lot with this house. He is happy if I'm happy if he agrees with me. Did that make sense????? Next step laying the foundation!!!!!! Finally after  four months of messing with these plans. I'm super excited!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Someone in the house is color blind

 While trying to build my-our dream house I have been saving pictures of different color combos. This was one I liked. Hubs says "why did you save that house picture on the computer"? I say "I like the colors on that house". I'm between this and a red, black, and cream combo. Hubs says he likes the brown roof on the picture above. I think he's kidding because it's clearly gray. I tell him it's GRAY. He is arguing with me as if I'm crazy. He is so convincing I start to second guess myself. Pig Pen is sitting here with us. So I ask Pig Pen what he thinks. Since he is a pleaser he says..."It's a brown roof that looks a little gray".  Have you ever seen a brown roof that looks gray??? I say.."tell the truth so your nose doesn't get any bigger". He sticks with his brown roof that looks gray. Makes no sense right!!!!! So I call Cole in. I ask him what the color of the roof is. He says.."Gray". I say..."HaHa, it's gray", as if I needed Cole to confirm that. Hubs still argues. I call The not so Charming Prince down. He says.."Gray". I say..."Someone in the house must be color blind and it's not me".

I'm between these two color combinations still. Any input would help. Please only people who see a gray roof need to reply. If I had unlimited funds I would buy a big piece of land. I would put two houses on it. One in each color combo. I would live in one and these people I live with would be in the other. We would be neighbors. I get excited typing that.

After all this Cole walks up to me and asks me to put the code in his phone to get a game. I tell him Dad changed the code and I no longer have it. He asks Hubs for the code. Hubs denies his request. He gets mad. Hubs and I are on the sofa together. Cole gives me a huge hug, tells me he loves me, and kisses me goodnight. Then he just stares at Hubs. He walks away and Hubs and I burst into laughter. I say.."He got you". So Hubs yells.."Goodnight, Cole". Silence...crickets...nothing! We laugh again.

So I'm asking for help on two things tonight. Which color combo do you like????? Next I need a good nickname for Cole. I'm not happy with "Drama" even though he is soooooo dramatic. Hubs thinks we should call him.."FO" for freak out. I don't love that one either. I'm pretty happy with Aidan...aka..Pig Pen and Blake...aka...the not so charming Prince's names. I have never liked Cole's nickname though. Any suggestions would be great.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday, Fun day

 This morning I was comfortably sitting watching shit TV. I heard a noise coming from the garage. It was Pig Pen. Now Pig Pen has a very soft spoken voice unlike Cole. So I heard a faint "Help me". Then I heard.."DAD". Then there was.."Mom, I'm in trouble". Hubs was walking by. I tell him I think Pig Pen needs his help. Hubs goes around the corner and I hear him bust out into laughter. Then he comes back to get his phone. I hear laughing again. I get up to see what is so funny. Pig Pin is hanging upside down from the boat. Hubs is taking pictures of him on his phone. I'm shocked for a minute wondering how that even happened. Wishing I had those secret cameras. I would have loved to see his face when that went down. So I ask him how he managed to get himself in that predicament. He says he was climbing on the fridge to try and hang his basketball hoop. He lost his balance and ended up hanging from a boat hook upside down. If he was a smart Pig Pen he would have wiggled out of his shorts to let himself free. But instead he hung there calling us in his soft spoken voice.
I don't even know why Pig Pen thought this was a good idea. He ruined some eyeshadow of mine too. Never a dull moment here in LaLa land. Thank God they have school tomorrow.

Drama had a bday too.

 The day after Pig Pen turned ten Drama queen turned 12. 12...I can't believe it. On his bday my day started out with Hubs getting them to school. It's Friday...his day to get the kids off.  My day to sleep in. My favorite day. Cole...aka..Drama walked in my room. I was sleeping soundly. He tapped me to say goodbye. I woke up and said "Happy Bday". He told me I was the best mom in the world, kissed me and gave me a neck a hug. It made me happy to hear that since he is my one who gets the least attention being the middle child. I had to get out of bed after that cause when Hubs gets home we are heading out to the design center. We were going to pick out all the fun stuff for my-our new house. When he got home I was in the shower. He made some crack that he would be in the car before I was ready. He's full of shit cause I'm usually the one in the car first. We headed out to the design center. I was in the car first...just saying. On the way he said again..."Don't fight me in front of the girl". I said..."Don't you fight me either". Then I said.."How do you know its a girl?". He said "Cause the email was from Mandy". I say "Mandy might be a hot guy"! On our way there I was starving. I asked him to stop for food. We stop at a BBQ gas station. He gets a banana. I get two really good tacos. One was potato and one was bacon. Filled with eggs and cheese. So as I eating them, he wants a taste. I say.."Why didn't you just get one?'. He says.."I'm trying to be healthy". Then he jabs me with the "you never go the healthy route". I say.."My taste buds are happy, and yours want my taco". He goes into a speech about how he has done his part about warning me about my bad decisions. He is worried about my heath at my age. He does not want to be responsible when I get bad news cause he warned me and asked me to stop. I say...WAAAAA, WAAAAAA, you sound like Debbie..Debbie Downer that is! He doesn't get my humor. He is serious...I'm laughing until I eat my words some day.
 We got to the design center. I said black he said white. I said up he said down. We are clearly not seeing eye to eye. The girl who was helping us probably went out for wine after and talked shit about us. He is the one who wanted to sell our last house. I was fine, happy, I loved my house.  It was pretty much Tuscan style. We are now building a southern living style home. This is the type of home I have always wanted. A southern living home is the opposite of Tuscan style. He was trying to design the inside of this house Tuscan which just doesn't work.  On our way home we fought about the whole five hour experience. At one point he said if we weren't an hour away he would get out of the car and walk home. So our day went great!  Let me tell you it's lots of fun building my-our dream house. On our way home between the fights we realize we have to exchange Pig Pens gift for one with parts and get Cole a gift. We stop at a sports store. We exchange Pig Pens gift and get Cole the same gift. When you have two kids so close in age you buy a lot of double gifts to avoid fights. We get home and get Aidan from elementary school. First thing he asks is if we exchanged his gift. I say we didn't have time. He finds it in the back before we get home. Plus he sees Cole got one too. I go home to wrap Cole's gift. Make a cookie cake for Cole's bday. Hubs wants to go meet a friend for a beer! I say..."GOOOOO". I head to the middle school to get Cole and then the high school to get Blake. When I get home Cole looks around for a gift. It is hidden in my room. I'm going to wait to see how long it takes for him to ask about. Pig Pen ruins my game and tells Cole there's a gift for him in my room. Pig Pen not only ruins it but tries to take credit for it. As you can see from the picture Cole was pretty happy. As you can see from the picture so was Pig Pen. Mostly because he doesn't have to share his. We are still working on sharing 10 and 12 years later. Mother of the year here!
So back to the middle child. Cole had to play in his basketball playoffs. I brought his cookie cake I made to the game.  Not only is he a middle child but his Bday falls the day after the babies. We got lots of frosting yesterday. Aidan made two cakes. One for school and one for home. He decorated both. Since we bought lots of dollars worth of frosting I thought I had a year supply. I made Cole's cake to record time by the way. When I went to frost it I realized most of the cans were out of steam. Aidan used them all. I swear he most have tasted most while making his cakes. So I found one of the five cans of frosting had just enough to write Cole on the cake. Barley!!!!!!Not even enough to outline the cake in frosting or write "happy Bday Cole". So I took the sad middle child's cake to his game. I get why middle children have a complex! Anyway...Happy Bday to the best middle child in the world!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Bday to Pig Pen!

 Today Pig Pen turned ten. My baby has hit double digits. Hard to believe. Last night he baked a cookie cake for his classmates. He was very proud and decorated it himself. He does this every year. His favorite show on TV is Cake Boss. He told me last night when he grows up he's going to be the next boss.
 Yes, those happen to be underwear on top of his present. I'm weird like that. I like to give them some kind of laugh on their bday.
I always let the kids pick a place to go for dinner on their Birthdays. Pig Pen picked a burger joint. I was happy. I never met a burger I didn't like. Hubs not so much. He complained. He is the healthy one of this bunch. After we ate I asked everyone at the table to say one nice thing about Aidan. Everyone gets a goofy grin on their face. It's so hard for them to say nice things to each other. I make them do it on holidays and birthdays though. Cole complains. I say.."Come on lets all say something nice about him". Blake says..."Your my little brother". I'm like..."Lucky him Blake, now say something nice about him".  So he tells him he is a really good baseball player. Next up is Cole...aka...Drama. Now he starts to laugh and says..."Your annoying". I say "Stop say something nice". Then he says.."Your gay...giggle, giggle, and your cool". I'm so proud! Hubs says something very nice about what a hard worker Aidan is at everything he does". I tell him how much I love being his Mom and love watching him do all the things he does. Pig Pen has a friend with us. He tells him he is fun to hang out with. This child truly is a blessing.

We get home and we have a gift for him. He laughs about the underwear and puts it on over his clothes. He dances around a bit to get a laugh. Cole calls him gay again. Then Hubs sends Cole to his room. Never a dull moment. He opens his gift. It's a basketball hoop you hang over your door. He has been begging me for one of these. I have tried my hardest to talk him out of it. Shit like this annoys me because it disturbs my shit TV watching. It's one of those gifts that is loud and annoying when their playing with it. Especially in this house since his room is next to the family room. The smile on his face makes it worth it. He wants to open it right away. It was the last one they had at the store. The box was slightly ripped. He opens it and it is missing everything but the backboard. His smile goes away. Hubs complains to me about buying a box with a rip in it. I explain it was the last one. He tells me a box with a rip in it means someone has stolen parts out of it. I think "Know it all in my head" and say.."I guess your right"! So I will be tracking another one down tomorrow.

After the kids go to bed Hubs and I sit down to discuss the new house. We are going to a design center tomorrow to pick out the guts. We are going through pictures and things. I grab the computer. Hubs says.."Don't pull up Pinterest, it's unrealistic". That is exactly what I was doing. My friend took me to lunch today and we went to see the southern living 1.7 million dollar home here. That might have been a mistake too. So then he says..."Don't fight me in front of the girl helping us tomorrow". I say..."You said I could pick out the insides, so don't fight me". He tells me he is in the business so he knows what he's doing. I say.."This stuff is girl stuff and I don't want you raining on my parade". Then he says "lets talk about stuff we want to upgrade so it's clear tomorrow". I tell him the doors on the front of the house our important to me. I don't want cheap looking doors. It sets the tone for the whole house. It is the first thing people see and it is the gateway into my-our dream house. He agrees to put extra money into doors. I hope still agrees when we get the pricing. Then I tell him the kitchen is the most important to me because it's the heart of the home. I tell him I want a really nice granite counter top. He says.."I'm sure they have really nice level one granite tops". I say "I like a level five I saw". He is like.."Your just going to have a bunch of crap all over them so you really won't notice if there level five or one". I say.."You were the one with the big idea to move". He says.."I'm starting to regret that". I tell him I don't want him to cheap out the kitchen. I say.."Lets cheap out the kids rooms and bathrooms". That way they will leave when their supposed to. We don't want to make them to comfortable. He actually smiles and agrees. I tell him I want wood through most of the house. I hate carpet with three boys. He argues about putting wood in the kitchen. He wants tile. Since the main part of the house is one big area I want it to flow and not look choppy. He starts in about how I'll spill water in the kitchen and ruin the floors. He is giving me examples about what a messy cook I am. So I may be going to the I'd rather blow my brains out jamboree tomorrow. Totally heard that line on modern family! I ask if I could bring a friend. I tell him he can go golf or something! He is like.."Come on Kerry"! Tomorrow should be interesting.

Anyway on a final note. Today in our small town there was a tragedy. One of our high school students was killed in a car accident. Even though I did not know this kid it has brought tears to my eyes a few times. I asked Blake if he knew her. He said not well but he would see her in the halls and they would talk once in a while. It just breaks my heart when I think what the family is going through. Here I am celebrating my child's birthday and planning my dream house. There is another family here that just found out their child passed away and now have to plan a funeral. When I hear stuff like this it eats at me. I don't know how a parent can survive the death of a child. I just pray to God to keep my children healthy and safe. We have had a lot of tragedy here in our small town the last two years. It just makes me so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with them on this terrible day for them.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Grandparents house sold

My Grandparent's house sold. I dream about this house almost every night. I happen to be a vivid dreamer. Especially in the morning. It's one of the reasons I like to go back to bed. My dreams are always different little strange too. Sometimes people from my past are in them. Sometimes people I hang out with now are in them. Even though the people change and the things going on change it's always in this house. Since my Grandma passed away a few years ago.  I dream about the house and she is in it. I'm always shocked to see her sitting at the kitchen table. I always say.."OMG, your here". She always looks at me and smiles. Then I usually wake up. I like to see her in my dreams. It makes it easier. I look forward to dreaming about her. I'm really going to miss this place.

The house holds so many memories for me. Mac and cheese, Charles Angels, the Cubs, Popsicles, Christmas, Easter egg hunts, Trap doors, writing in the smoke house, climbing in the tree, canoeing in the flooded yard, and the people who sat at the kitchen table. There were weddings, baptisms, birthdays, family reunions, and graduation parties here. It was a place we all came together for good food and good conversation. My Grandparents lived in this house their whole life. It was moved once on logs and pulled by mules. I can't imagine what that looked like.

I was thinking it's so strange that I dream about this house so much. I don't even dream about my childhood homes very much. I guess it's because it's the only constant thing in my life. The one thing that has never changed. Things and people changed around it but it always remained the same. It was like comfort food for me. Made you all warm and fuzzy inside. Well it's not the house so much as the people who lived in it. I don't have any bad memories of this place. Back in their day people got a job and usually stayed in it their whole life. Bought a house and usually stayed in it their whole life. Got married and usually stayed married their whole life. Oh my how times have changed. I lived in five places growing up. We are about to live in our 6th house. Most people change jobs in their lifetime now. Most people don't stay married anymore. The house sold while my Dad was here a few weeks ago. I asked him if he was sad. He said..NO, he just misses his parents. I guess guys don't get attached to things the way girls do.

Since I found out the house sold my dreams have gotten really crazy about it. I dreamed one night that two of my relatives who don't drink were falling down drunk. My Uncle Tommy and I were like "What is their problem?".  We were shocked and confused by their drinking. Another dream I had we were having a huge party there with a band. We were all doing shots. I was stressed cause I never do shots. My Aunt Margie got in the giant tree. I was yelling at her to get out of it. I was afraid she would fall because of the shots. I woke up and thought what the hell did that mean. In the dreams now my whole family is around. There is a lot of them too. It seems to be about drinking. I have no idea why. The saddest part is my Grandma has not been in any of them. She was always in my dreams in the past. I need one of those dream analyst people to help me understand.

I had to post this last picture. My Grandpa made that sign. When you went into the basement it's the first thing you would see. It says..."Stop What the hell are you going down for besides a beer?" It makes me want to have a beer!!!!!! It makes me sad that this is it for our family and this house. I hope my Grandpa haunts the new people....evil laugh!!!! That song by Keane is in my head right now. It goes....."Your gone from here"
             "Soon you will disappear"
             "Fading into beautiful light"
             "Because everybody's changing"
             "And I don't feel right"

What is that written on my car??????

So I drove around with a penis in my rear. My rear car window that is. I picked up the not so Charming Prince from school Thursday. The sun was reflecting in the back window of my car. I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. I thought "what is that written in the dirt of my window?".  My first guess would have been "Clean Me". Low and behold it was a penis with balls, not one penis but two. Low and behold none of these people know how it got there. I tell Pig Pen his nose is growing when I asked him about it. He grabbed his nose to check. I already knew it wasn't him. He gets this goofy line smile and his eyes get crazy when he lies. Drama's mouth moves around wildly and the Not so Charming Prince talks too much. I'm just wondering why no one told me I had a penis drawn on the back of my car. If I saw someone driving around Drip I would have pulled next to them rolled down my window and yelled......"HEY YOU HAVE A FEW PENIS'S IN YOUR REAR". It's my dream to see someone other than myself like that. It would be so much fun to see their face when I told them.

I got a text from my Dad...aka...Grumps. Well I have gotten a few text from him this week. He's getting pretty good about this texting thing. It took a while for him to come around. On my Birthday he text...."Happy Birthday Kerry! You are my favorite most beautiful daughter. I don't know what I would do without you". Chew on that Kelly...aka...Twisty. My sister is totally shaking her head saying "NO WAY" as she reads this. About now she is calling for my Dad asking him if this is true. Even though it's true that's not exactly what he text.  I saw the underlining meaning in what he wrote. The text he sent said "Happy Birthday Kerry. Your are a great daughter. Love Dad". We both know that I'm the favorite though. Then on Saturday I got another text from him. This one said.."Read your blog, very funny and well written. LOSE the MF". When I read this I got that sick feeling you get in your stomach when your in trouble. As much as I wanted to text back.."Do you mean MF as in "my friend"????? I knew he was probably talking about when I used the word "Mother Trucker". Wondering if it would make him feel better if I said I was drunk when I wrote that. So I read back on my blog a bit. Thinking what else did he read about. I cringed a few times for sure. I had posted a picture of an Ecard that said something about Vday and chocolate penis's. I talked about beers talking to me and dancing around me. I talked about doing naked bed angels while Hubs was away. I talked about Pig Pen finding me naked from a hot flash. Thank God I don't think he read far enough to read about me crapping my pants. I know if he read that he would have said something.

Writing this reminded me of another story about my Grumps. I may have written about this since I've been blogging for three years. When I read back on this I find out that I've repeated things a few times. About seven years back when Cole..aka..Drama was in Kinder. He had a time machine project. He had to get people in his life to write him a sealed note. When he graduates from High school he can open it and read his notes. The not so Charming Prince did this too. It's a cool idea. I wish I had something like that. My parents had come for a weekend visit. I asked them to write a note. My Grumps settled in the office with a beer and a pad of paper. I kept walking by because he kept writing and writing. I called my sister...aka...twisty. I told her he was writing a book. She was like "OMG, what do you think he is writing???". I had no idea. He usually doesn't write long letters. Then Twisty says.."You need to call me and read it to me". I said..."I can't it's going to be sealed". After he was done he handed it to me and said.."Don't read it". I asked what he wrote about. He wouldn't tell me. After he went to bed that night I got on the horn with Twisty. I opened that letter and read it over the phone to her. I couldn't help myself.

 When I read that letter I realized I had the best Dad ever. He wrote about everyone of us. He talked about how my mom was the love of his life. They were together since they were 15. I still wonder how they did that.  He talked about his family and how he loved them and worried about them. I got a little teary reading it.  He is going to mad for two reasons reading this. One that I opened this letter. He should know better though. Two he is a private person so he will hate that I blogged about it. Anyway we moved before Pig Pen went to kinder. He doesn't have a time machine. I kept saying I would do one for him and then life got in the way. Any family members reading this feel free to write him a letter. Send it to me and I will start him a box. I promise I will not read them...Maybe!

I don't usually promote products on here unless they excite the hell out of me. I started this new skin care line It's only been four days but what a difference it has made! My skin feels like a babies butt. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day is not all it's cracked up to be.

 The other day Pig Pen wanted to get a Valentine gift for his girlfriend. I said..."You have a girlfriend, who is she???". He tells me he can't tell me. I ask "why?". He says..."You will get on the phone and tell everyone you know and talk about how cute it is". I say.."I'm going to still get on the phone and talk about how cute it is". "Oh yes, and I will find out her name". He still won't tell me. So we go to Charming Charlie. I take him to the back of the store where they have the little girl jewelry. He's pretty picky. Tells me this stuff is for babies. I tell him it's for girls his age. He pokes around the whole store for a very long time. So long that I have even run out of stuff to look at. He carefully examines all the jewelry. He's drown to the one's that look like diamonds. I tell him to hurry up. He says..."This stuff looks cheap, can we go to a real jewelry store???".  I pretty much tell him there is no way in hell I'm buying this no name girl real jewelry. He finally settles on a pretty little neckless with two small circles hooked together that look like diamonds. He's pretty proud of his pick. We get in the car and pass a real jewelry store. He looks out the window and says.."That's where we should have gone". "Yea, Yea, nice try".  I tell him once he gets a real job he can buy real jewelry. Then he asks the sweetest thing. He says..."Mom do I say would you be my Valentine or just happy Valentine Day?". I tell him I think Happy Valentine's Day would be best. Thinking if he asked her to be his Valentine and she said no it would crush him.

So today I sent Aidan off with his Valentine cards and his gift for the girl. I went to his class party mid day. I asked him how the girl liked his gift. He shook his head and said she didn't show up to school. A little boy is standing next to us. He blurts out the girls name. Pig Pen looks at me fast to see if I have heard this boy. I look at him and say.."I told you I would find out who she is". He just smiles and shakes his head. I hope she is in school tomorrow cause I'm dying to live vicariously through young love.
 After the party I take Pig Pen home early. Hubs scheduled dentist appointments for all three kids today. Yes on Valentine Day! He's a true romantic. I get them all to the Dentist and spend two and a half hours in the waiting room. The whole time thinking this is not my idea of how my Valentines would be spent. After this I run and get the not so charming prince's girlfriend from school. Singing "On the road again" in my head. He is cooking her dinner at our house tonight. Now he has bought her real jewelry and a purse. See I'm doing something right with these boys. After dinner I take Cole my drama queen out to get some cowboy boots. He has a Valentine dance tomorrow.  We go into Cavender boot City. No relation there! I ask the lady where the kids boots are. She says.."What size shoe is he?". I say..."He's a 7and a half". She tells me he will be in the starting adult size boot. I immediately think shit these boots just went up at least 75 dollars. He looks at all the boots. He wants the ones that are 250. I say..."NO, way your feet are still growing". Then he wants the 200 dollar boots!!!!!!! Regretting this trip....I say.."NO way". Now the cheapest ones start at 150. They don't have his size in the ones he wants. We go to another boot store. They don't even have his size in stock there. I'm surprised since we are in Texas. Somehow before I know it I end up completely on the other side of town at another Cavender Boot City. Thank you God we find a pair there. So Valentine night I spent three hours boot shopping.

When we get home he tries on his whole outfit for the dance. He even styles his hair and puts cologne on. He's growing up so fast. After all this I could really use a beer and some housewives. But I gave up beer for Lent damn it! It's only day two. So I tell myself I'm pregnant and I don't want to get the baby buzzed!!!!!! I'm weird like that! Hubs and I decided we would not exchange this year since were building our dream house! He did come home with roses though!

So that last Ecard I came across on Facebook. I "googled" Vday to see the story of St Valentine. So Valentine Day is supposed to be about love and romance. The story goes there was an emperor named Chaudias. He believed that un married soldiers fought better. He outlawed young men from marrying. Valentine thought this was an injustice. He continued to marry young people in secret. When he was caught he was imprisoned, stoned, and eventually beheaded. He was beheaded on February 14th. I don't know about you but that story oozes romance. Happy Valentine Day...I hope no one felt like beheading anyone today!!!!!!!!!
I laughed out loud about this last card........can you imagine????????? Perfect end to my Vday...I just pulled up my e-mail. There was an E-mail for me from!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I hope my people can survive 40 days.

So Lent has rolled around once again. Lent for catholics is like a re do for the New Years resolution you messed up. I've been thinking what to give up for Lent. Exercise, laundry, eating veggies everyday, sex, or driving people around come to mind. Then I think God would not like that. Your supposed to give up something that will be hard for you to do. I think maybe Dr Pepper. Maybe cheeseburgers. Maybe TV. Then I think Helz NO on the TV. The bad thing about Lent is it's 40 days. 40 days is a long time. If Lent lasted just a few days it would be so much better. I settle on beer. I'm an Irish catholic girl who really enjoys cold beer. I get it from my Dad. So tonight is my first night. Even though I would not normally have a beer on a Wednesday night I really want one. This is the story of my life. If I'm not supposed to do something it makes me want to do it more. I know that's very childish and immature. I wish my mind was on my side instead of working against me. The beer is calling my name from the fridge...."Drink me, Drink me....Kerry". I hate that damn beer and wish it would shut up. While I'm writing this I'm picturing beers dancing around me and they look like their having fun. Hubs is not catholic and he doesn't get some of the catholic traditions. I tell him I'm going to give up beer for 40 days. He's like "NOOOOOOO your so much nicer on beer". I hope my people can survive these 40 days. I don't ever really remember making it through Lent in the past. I'm a bad catholic and I'm not proud. I'm just going to pretend I'm pregnant. I've told a couple people about what I'm giving up. They all seem to have the same reaction. They laugh and then they say..."Really???". I'm going to just start telling people I'm pregnant. They will say..."Really???". I will say.."Yes, that's what I'm telling myself....SHHHH".

No body is going to take away my sparkle

So yesterday I celebrated my 33rd well maybe 43rd birthday. Hubs got the kids up and got them to school. This is a great birthday present in my mind. It's funny cause my phone buzzed and it was two of my friends kids wishing me a happy bday. Girls of course...this is why I wanted girls. Then my phone buzzed again and it was the not so charming prince. He was buzzing me from school telling me he felt like crap. I texted back and said it's my bday so don't rain on my parade. He text back and says....It's actually raining outside do you know that??? I text back...Ha Ha...I learned that Ha Ha thing from reading all his text. Ha Ha is a big word in the world of text. Then he finally text back..."Happy bday mom, your the best mom in the world". This just melted my heart. When you have a teenager they don't say things like this much. They are usually asking for something or to be driven somewhere. So then he text again..."My allergies are killing me any chance you will come get me?". I text back..."Unless your puking, have fever, or feel like your dying no chance". He never sent a text back.

I got taken to lunch by some very good friends. When your married and raising kids your friends become really important to you. They make you feel sane even when you are thinking insane things. I'm blessed to have such great girlfriends. They get my through the tough times and the good times. They just make everything better. I sound like a frickin hallmark card. We laughed and ate good food, even got dessert. They gave me some very thoughtful gifts. It's funny cause I open one gift. It was a very funny cookbook, bracelets, and earrings. Then she says..."Those earrings I actually bought for myself and they accidentally ended up in your bag". We laughed about it. The reason I'm telling this story is because I love that I have that friend. The kind of friend that something like that happens and she tells me and we laugh about it. Not the kind that would stress about giving me those earrings cause she couldn't tell me those were really for her. Then she would be pissed every time she saw me in them. Don't think I won't tease her when she wears my-her earrings.

So back to reality. After lunch I pick up pig pen and get him to soccer. After that I run to the middle school to pick up Drama queen from detention. Now he really didn't deserve this detention but it is what it is. I'm not that parent either. Not the one who thinks my kid is always right. In this case drama had done bad on a test. He was so upset because he studied so hard for it. He went to school the next day to retake it. He got caught using his phone to call Hubs to tell him he passed. They gave him detention for being on his phone. I did have to have a talk with him about rules are rules even if your not trying to be bad while breaking them.  When I get there he is standing with another boy. He gets in the car and says.."Do you think you can take that kid home?". I say.."I don't even know him where are his parents and aren't they picking him up?". A valid question right? He told me he didn't have a phone to call them. So I asked where he lived and took him home. While driving I couldn't help wondering why this kid was not being picked up an hour after school got out. So I asked the kid how he would have gotten home if I didn't drive him. He told me he didn't know cause he didn't have a phone to call his parents to tell him he had to stay after. I ask if he wants to use my phone to let them know where he is. He declines. This just bothers me. It was cold and about to be dark. So we pull up to his house. I say "Do you want me to come to the door with you to tell your parents I drove you home?'. He says..."No I don't think their here". I can't get this kid out of my head. I asked Cole about him after we dropped him off. He tells me he is supposed to be in 8th grade but is in 6th. I'm thankful that Cole had compassion for him and realized he needed a ride.

So we get home. Cole needs to go to basketball practice. Before that Hubs comes in with a cake for my bday and cards. Aidan...aka...Pig Pen has a permanent smile on his face. He is my one kid who loves birthdays! After we blow out candles Hubs says.."Your gift is to go have all that stuff done to your face that you complain about". I say.."botox?". Now Hubs has always said I don't need that. He says..Yes, botox, fillers, what ever you want". I say.."So you think I need them?". He says.."No but your always bitching your going to be the only wrinkled one left of your friends". I say.."You think I'm wrinkled?". He rolls his eyes and says "I just can't win with you". Truth is I bitch like a mother fucker but that shit really does scare me even if it makes you look better. I'm on the fence on having this done. My fear is vanity will get the worst of me and I will look crazy. I'll get those spock eyes. Damn it...who came out with this shit anyway???? If it wasn't available we would just age naturally.

So Pig Pen and I settled in for the bachelor. We both laughed out loud about the girl who said "No one is going to take away my sparkle". Blake and his friend across the street were watching with us too. I told them to stay away from drama queens like her. They laugh. Pig Pen is still upset that the bachelor got rid of the armless girl. I swear when my kids piss me off I'm going to say "No one is going to take away my sparkle". It's may favorite new line. So on a final note the funniest part of my night was when someone said...."Do you know why I would have corn in my shit if I haven't eaten corn?".  I had no good answer for that! So I say "No one is going to take away my sparkle".

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hours away from turning 43 and my head is spinning

I'm just a few hours away from turning 43. It's hard for me to believe since I feel like I'm 25. Well I have the maturity of a 25 year old but I may feel 100 and look my age...damn it. I swear people used to think I was way younger then I had kids. I'm a person who likes to reflect. So I'm sitting here thinking about what was going on in my life ten years ago. I think back to 33. At this time when I was 33. I was two weeks away from giving birth to my last born. Fat as shit and uncomfortable as hell. What I remember is that was not planned but at this point I was really excited to meet this new kid. I was of course ready to get him the hell out too. Bitching all the way because I told myself that God wanted me to have a girl and it was yet another boy. At that time not realizing that someday I would miss being pregnant....Kind of! What I miss about being pregnant is the excitement and the first time you feel butterflies and you realize it is your baby. I would miss laying down at night and seeing my stomach doing very odd things. I would miss knowing I was the one cooking them to perfection. Never thinking I would never in my lifetime feel that again. I would also never feel heartburn and ass grapes again.

I also remember that my oldest would start kindergarten shortly after my last was born. It's funny because when they are little time goes very slow. You feel like they are never going to go to kinder. You dream about the day you can stop paying for child care and can sit back and relax at a pool without chasing behind them. Go to the store by yourself. I will never forget when I went to the kinder orientation, the lady giving it said before you know it they will be adults. I called bullshit in my head. I She was right.  Ten years ago I was at the point were I couldn't relax at all. I had a five year old, a two year old, and a new born. When I brought Aidan...aka..pig pen home, I remember feeling complete. It was like a happy state of mind, a different happy than I had ever felt.  My family was complete. Some people feel pregnancy blues, I felt pregnancy highs. I was so happy the first two weeks....while he slept like a perfect angel. And then all hell broke loose.

He was a crying monster. He wouldn't be happy with anybody but me. He cried so much that I cried just as much. I called my mom and complained about him. She really didn't believe me till I came to visit. Then she told me ...."yep your right this one is hard". Hard is an understatement. If this one had come first he would have been the last. For nine months he was never happy....which made mama super unhappy. Especially since he was more happy with me which was still not happy. I had a two year old which got left behind...I still have big guilt over that. That two year old happened to be the greatest baby ever. So he played alone a lot....I'm paying for it now. He had huge middle child issues.....ya know the kind! "Hey look at me issues".

Looking back I had no idea I would end up in Austin. I was happy where I was. I pictured raising my kids with my friends in Dallas. I had some of the greatest friends I had ever made in Dallas.  Being young and dumb I didn't realize how things could change in a phone call. So hubs got a phone call that changed our lives forever. He had two weeks to get to Austin. This came at a bad time.  So he left shortly after my birthday in Februkerry. I stayed behind to let the kids finish out their school year. I did not want to move. I loved the school and I really loved my friends. I couldn't imagine living away from any of that. Plus hubs whole family lived close and we were really close to them. So I left Dallas kicking and screaming all the way. I swore I would drive back there every weekend.

The kids got busy with sports and I made new friends. We rarely got back to Dallas. We did have visitors every weekend for more than a year. I shit you not. I seriously entertained for two years straight every weekend. I have a guest book to prove it. I loved every minute of that. Years later the guest stop coming. It's sad to me. I miss those people from my past. In a perfect would you would pick all the people you love and move to a street where you all lived happily ever after. That's not how life work though. We still keep in contact with all those great people .Maybe not as much as we should but we see them every time we go to Dallas.

In ten years I have realized marriage is not bliss. Not the 80's movie ending we all dreamed of. Of course that is our generation. I'm still waiting for Hubs to be out my window with a boom box. Our kids generation is screwed. We have catered to them and praised them way too much. If someone isn't kissing their ass they probably won't be happy.  We now have to raise these to perfect angels in a media world to be reasonable, responsible, adults with healthy relationships. This happens to be hard.  There are a few things I need to work on. All that comes to mind is SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT

I had a great weekend at the local dance hall for my Birthday. Lots of my friends helped me celebrate. Now Pig Pen and I are watching last Tuesdays bachelor. He is seriously pissed that Sean got rid of the girl with no arm. Hubs walks by and says..."Is he really that fired up about what's going on on the bachelor?". I say.."Yep". Hub's shakes his head and walks away. The not so charming prince comes down from his dungeon. He wants me to take him shopping for a charm bracelet for Vday. Hub's says..."I once bought a piece of jewelry from Walmart and put it in a Zale's box". I look at him and say..."That doesn't surprise me one bit". I look at Blake and say..."Don't take any girl advice from Dad". And another year flies by..........

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's FebruKerry again

My New Years resolutions went out the door for the most part right away. I put a lot of pressure on myself though. I had way more than one resolution. I kind of wanted to wake up a completely new person on January 1st. I have stuck to a few though. I wanted to put myself not first but more important than I had the last 15 years. I have done Zumba at least three or four times a week since the 1st. I'm surprised at how much I love it and look forward to it. I'm not the best Zumba person in the class but I'm  giving it the old college try. A work out queen I have never been. I always hated/was jealous of all the work out barbies I lived around. I hated when facebook first came out and those barbies would post all the crap about their great workouts. I would make the gag sign in my mouth when I would read their post. Mostly because I was jealous. When you think about it we have come a long way on facebook. Most of us were guilty of posting shit most people would gag at. Remember when people would post how mush they loved their kids, husbands, and family. No body loves their kids and family as much as they posted. Most moms want to run screaming from their house on a good day. At least I know I do. People posted about how perfect their world was. I call bullshit. Tell you how their kid just took a crap in the potty for the first time. Then there were the post where someone would say something without really saying it. Then you would spend your day wondering what happened or what was wrong with someone you would probably never see again. I was guilty as the next person posting crazy stupid stuff about my life and my thoughts thinking people actually gave a shit. At least now facebook has become a place to post pics and funny crap...and oh yes pinteresting stuff. You rarely see the person that post their kid shit in a potty for the first or they just had the best run ever. I kind of miss those gag worthy post.

Back to working out. Truth be told I was blessed with a high metabolism and good genes till 40 hit. I never had to do a damn thing or watch what I ate. People used to tell me it would catch up to me and I heard none of that till it happened. I do believe some of those people got a little giggle when it did happen. It's sad that I used to have a pretty perfect body and never knew it. I covered it up always never thinking I wasn't cute enough or skinny enough. When I look back now I think damn if I had that I would flaunt it. I would just walk around in a bathing suite and heels all the time. I had a nice ass and a rock hard stomach that I used to cover up.  So after 40 I realized I not only had to workout, I had to eat good too. Plus even doing both I would never be able to look as good as I did doing nothing. It was a shock to me that I all the sudden had to do both. I'm a work in progress.  I'm trying. I promised myself I would eat more vegetables and fruits. These were never a big deal to me in the past. The older you get the more you worry about this stuff. Not only to try to maintain a healthy weight but also you start to worry about your overall health. This is why I have drank a Nutribullet everyday since New Years. I do feel a difference. Maybe it's all in my head because I feel better that I'm getting veggies and fruits in my diet. I'll take what I can get though. Whatever works to ease this overactive mind.

The next resolution I had was to see a bunch of doctors. My overactive mind makes me fear almost everything. So I have a list...a shit list as I like to call it. I wish there was a one stop shop where you could get everything done. So today I hit the dermatologist. A friend of mines brother just died of skin cancer in a matter of months at a very young age. So I wanted to get a cancer check which I have never had. I made an appointment in Westlake...this is where all the good doctors are. When I walked in the place was like a museum. Huge building with all the bells and whistles. They have a spa there, a plastic surgery center, and a dermatologist center. I felt overwhelmed right away. I walked past people waiting in the spa. I walked past husbands waiting in the plastics section for their wives. Kind of wishing Hubs was there waiting for me to look ten years younger. I was shocked at how many people were there on a Thursday. I went upstairs to the dermatologist center. I walked up to the counter to check in. Everyone behind the counter had perfect skin with no winkles and their lips seemed to be slightly pumped up. They all looked pretty perfect. I got called in and the nurse that saw me first had visibly had everything done you could have. I have to say she looked really good. She asked me the standard questions on family history and meds I'm on. When the doctor came in she looked really young. I had my phone out that had a picture of three kids on it. She asked if those were my kids. I told her those were mine. She asked what ages they were. I told her I had a high school one, a middle school one, and an elementary age one. She told me she had her first baby three months ago. I knew she looked young. When did I become the older person???? So she does the check. She tells me everything looks good. I have three moles though. I ask her if she could remove them just to be safe. She says "Yes". She tells me they will have to numb the spots to take them off and the numbing is painful. After what happened to my friends brother I think better safe than sorry. So the perfect nurse comes back in. She has shots in her hand. She tells me the shots will be painful but it's the worst part. And let me tell you those shots were painful.

So I start to over think all the crap I just signed off on about allergic reactions. The room is getting a little fuzzy and I think my throat is closing up. And I wonder why Pig Pen fears everything....Hello he inherited that from me. The doctor comes in and I'm trying to hide the fact that I think I'm about to pass out or puke. Looking for the closest trash can at this point. She is making small talk with me. Asking me if it's hard to raise a teenager in this day with all the social media. I tell her it is so hard. Thinking if all this social media was around when I was a teen I would have been in big trouble from Grumps. She has me lay down to take off the spots. I close my eyes while she does this. I can smell a burning smell. Which makes me want to puke more. Being a doctor was never in my cards! So it's over before I know it. I feared it for no good reason. When I first made the appointment I was going to ask about botox and a few things to turn back the hands of raising kids. I could barely get through getting a few moles taken off though. That conversation never came up. Even though the image of those perfect people with no lines and perfect lips are on my brain. I'm truly a chicken shit!

Next on my shit list is to get a colon check. I fear this like crazy. My mom...aka..Debbie has been on me for years about this one. She had colon cancer which they said was a gene. Told her all her kids needed to be checked at a young age. Don't think I don't look for red every time I take a shit. I know I have to do this but for some reason I don't want to know. I have no idea how I would handle it having three kids. I would be a complete mess. But I fear it since my mother had it. There is the other side of the coin where if I got checked and didn't have it I could not think about it so much. Damn shit is going to cost me 1000.00 dollars too. I hate to spend money on shit like pun intended.

Last I need to see what my MS is doing. This is the one thing that scares me the most. I have not had a check in a very long time. I don't really want to know if it's progressing. I research the meds on this all the time. Not a fan of any of them yet. I was on meds when I first got it and it was the worst time of my life. The meds are worst than the disease to me. I took myself off them cause I want to live happy. Any medication that says could cause cancer scares me. Not to mention that when I did take the injections  I feared them for a good reason. They made me feel like I was dying more than once. I almost wish I didn't know I had this. I think I feel worst because it's always there on my mind all the time.  I'm the queen of ignorance is bliss. I think of most people I know that have dealt with something awful. I do need to get a check though. I do feel my balance is not what should be.....Zumba helps. I do know that I need way more sleep than any normal person.. I do realize that I repeat myself and don't say things  right. I can't drive straight or park straight. The scars on my brain are here and making it known to me everyday. I need to buck up and face it head on!

On a final note......I was in the car with two of my kids tonight. We were talking about who would get them to school. Aidan...aka..pig pen said he wanted me over Dad to get him to school. Cole...Aka...Drama said its because he could complain to me and dad doesn't put up with it. Hello...I'm way scarier than Dad WTF!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Holy shit it's a big job to raise kids!

 Since we signed all the final pricing on our house my head is spinning. Spinning with ideas. Paint colors, furniture ideas, and doors! I think your front door is very important. It is the gateway into your home. I feel it should make a statement and be inviting. I love the doors in this picture! Would it be weird if I knocked on these people's door and asked where they got them????? The builder gave me a 2500 dollar budget to find my own door. I searched on line for some doors that looked like these. I found a site that had doors that looked a lot like these. I emailed them for a quote. I nice lady ended up calling me back. She was going on and on about how their doors were like a piece of furniture. They were made of mahogany and could not be painted. Now I want red doors but I asked for a price to get an idea. So the doors were 7500.00. I guess they are like a very nice very expensive piece of furniture. I almost fell off my chair. I sure hope I can find something similar for 2500.00. I want to put most of my budget into the kitchen. I feel your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where we spend a lot of our time. Even at gatherings I feel we somehow land in the kitchen. My kitchen is going to be amazing. I can't wait to cook and entertain in it. I had a really hard time talking Hubs into a commercial grade oven. I promised him lots of great meals and other things too. Hey Universe,  an un godly amount of money is coming my way...DO YOU HEAR ME?????
 While my parents were here we went out to see our lot. We brought everyone including worlds greatest dog ever. Ziggy tried to make friends with the new dog neighbor. I think this dog was trying to tell him this is his hood and might have shit in his face! Ziggy took a sniff and walked away. I see them being great friends in our future. If you can't shit in front of yours closest friends who can you shit in front of???? I could say something now about shit but I do have a filter.
 So Ella who I crazy love looks just like the not so charming prince. Every time I see her she reminds me of him at her age. They seriously look more alike than Blake and his brothers. It's weird to me. Since I don't think they look like my sister or me. Somewhere in our family tree there most have been some beautiful blonde blue eyed people. I always wanted to be a beautiful blue eyed babe. Seeing her reminds me of how fast the years went with him. Lighting fast, it's sad to me that I have embarked on his final years with me. I love him to death and really want him in my house forever. I think the harest thing for a mother is to let their child turn into an adult. Now he has a man voice that I'm still trying to get used to. Sometimes when I call him I think he is Hubs because I'm having a hard time parting with his sweet baby voice. I wish life didn't go so fast. I wish I would have enjoyed his younger years more. In a perfect world we would be able to freeze time and really enjoy those years instead of being a sleep deprived zombie that just wants them to age. I wish I could go back and really take those toddler years in and enjoy them. It's a sad we don't age in reverse. Now I have this teenager that I'm trying to school on how to be a respectable, responsible, adult. I worry about him so much. I want to shelter him from everything but I know I need to let go and let him make mistakes. I forget that we learn from mistakes and those mistakes help us be who we are supposed to be. He often thinks I have no idea what I'm talking about. He rarely wants to just hang out with me. His friends and his girlfriend are front and center now. I who used to be the most important person in his life has taken the back seat. It makes me sad. I worry I have done my job half ass and I hope like hell that hears at least half of what I say. I know a lot of this blog is complaining about my kids and hubs. I really think this kid showed me I could love someone unconditionally. I think he is one of the three best things I ever did in my life.
So here is picture of my parents with my kids and niece in front of our lot. Is it weird that I wish we all lived together???? I love when my parents are here. They make everything alright for me. Note...when I say live together I mean they have their own house a few doors down. I got my Dad a Nutri bullet for Xmas. I'm happy to say I hit the nail on head. He loves it and has used it every day. I'm still using mine! Feeling healthily than ever. So on a strange note when my mom was here she who loves shit TV as much as me and told me about the HBO show "GIRLS". I watched on demand "Girls" all day Saturday.
I'm hooked! The sad thing is the girl who is not in shape gets totally naked in this. She has huge confidence being naked with a little fat. I found myself wondering if I looked like that naked. So I got a mirror to look at myself from behind naked. I have not done that in years since I'm an ignorance is bliss girl. I was happy to report I'm not as bad as I thought....but I have some work ahead of me for sure. Zumba...crazy love it! Everyone should do it!!!! Anyway I watched Tim McGraw on Ellen today and  he said he didn't have underwear on it kind of got me. How the hell does he look so good at his age?????

Hubs is gone and I'm watching shit TV like a rock star....he is not walking by saying.."Why do you watch this shit??". I'm in happy as a clam now. But I'm super proud of him! He is at his company meeting. He won three awards! Like I said super proud of him. I love that he is bringing home the bacon! I kinda love bacon! Even if he wants me to get a non paying job! Love you Hubs! You turned out to be a rock star!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hot Mama

Last night I woke up at 2:30am in a pool of water. I stumbled out to the kitchen and put my head in the freezer. I've done my part of frickin hot flashes and I'm ready for a get out of jail free card. I fell back asleep and woke up two hours later. I found that I had pulled my shirt up to my neck and pulled my pants down to my feet. I had no recollection of doing this. I guess I got hot again. That or I had a dream about the Vamp??? It kind of freaked me out that I didn't remember doing this. It's sad that sometimes I wake up and wish I could dive in snow to do a naked snow angel. Who knew the thought of that would excite the hell out of me. At this point I think being a man is the better way to go. They don't get periods, they can't give birth, they don't go through mental pause, they look good with a few lines on their face, and no one ever says anything if they have a little bit of belly. Plus all this little shit doesn't bother them. Oh yes, and they don't have to find every one's shit!

We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night we headed out to the new dance hall in Dripping Springs. Great people watching. After my friend and I hit up What-a-burger....and I wonder why I can't lose weight. We waited in the drive through for a very long time. While waiting we were watching this drunk lady through the window. She kept falling asleep in her food. Then she would bounce back up and her eyes would roll back in her head. She kept making the ugly drunk face. It was so entertaining. After we got our food we pulled up ate our food and watched some more. Remember I always say this is a small town. So I knew this girl. She has kids that go to school with mine. I felt kind of bad for her. Why would her date take her to What-a-burger that drunk. Under florescent lights too. People don't look good under those on their best days. Not to mention there were a ton of towns people in there. I bet she felt like hell the next day. Note to self...Don't ever get that drunk in public in Drip. Assholes like me are watching.

While my Mom was here last week we went shopping in Wimberly. We were at this artsy fartsy store. Now my mom can poke around a store longer than anyone I know. While waiting I saw these "worry people". They were little people about the size of my nail. There were five of them in a bag. It said to tell them your worries and put them under your pillow. While you sleep they take your worries away. If only in a perfect world right????The very light on his feet sales guy sees me looking at them. He says in his very squeaky cute voice...."OMG, those worry people really work, they are amazing". I say.."Really?". He says..."Oh yes, they have done wonders for so many people". I'm a sucker for anything that someone gets that excited over. I swear someone could sell me shit on a stick if they made it look good. So I bought them for Pig Pen since he is such a worry wart. When I got home I gave them to him and told him how they worked. He has been using them every night. They have worked like a charm for him. Now these little worry people are made of yarn. Last night Aidan calls me in his room. He is a little upset. I say.."What's the matter buddy?". He pulls his worry people out from under his pillow. He says..."One of my worry people broke". I say..."What do you mean one is broken". He pulls one out of the bag and it is unraveling. I'm not sure what the face is made out of but it has flaked off and the pieces are in the bag. He then says..."Their not going to work anymore". So I sit there and think......"SHIT" in my head!

I sit there for a minute with my mind racing for a good reason why the worry person is disintegrating. I say...There are five of them so they will still work". He says...."But their a family and they work together". I say..No, they will still work". He says.."But you told me they are a family just like ours and they work together, and now one is broken so they won't work". I think shit I'm broken and we still work. I can't say that! I say..."Did I say that?". He says.."Yes, you did". I say...."I did say that but I didn't say if one started to unravel and their face falls off that they would not work". I tell him because he was so sick last week the worry person worried so hard that it took a toll on him and he unraveled and his face fell off. I say "that means they are totally working for you, doing their worry job". I say "look at me I'm unraveling and I'm still working". I'm not as put together as I once was. He looks at me and says..."Your lying". I say.."No". He says..."bring me the computer". I ask "why". He says.."I'm going to "google" worry people and see if they work when they break". Damn "google"! Google is a cuss word for me in many ways! Google shopping is number one for sure. Damn kids find shit they would never know existed on "google"! Then when your trying to bullshit them for their own good they can "google" check you. So I say...."I wouldn't have ever gotten you these if I didn't believe they couldn't help you". He buys the bullshit and goes to bed. I'm thinking I'm going to make a trip up to Wimberly to buy a year supply of these people. They were a cheap solution to an ongoing problem. I will tell him that the worry person healed himself. I'm smart like that. I would do and say just about anything to help get this kid through this worry thing. I wish I could just have a magic wand that would take away anything bad for my kids. I would be a magic wand crazy fool.

So Hubs leaves tomorrow to Atlanta. Years ago he used to go for a few days. Since budget cuts he only goes overnight for one day. I'll take what I can get though. Naked bed angels and fast food are in my future! Life is going to be good tomorrow!