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Dripping Springs Founders Day, 2012

This weekend was Dripping Springs annual Founders Day festival. I believe this is our fifth year attending this festival. The family and I look forward to it every year.
It kicks off on Friday night with the best red neck parade this side of town. That would be one of my red neck kids in the "fresh" shirt.
"She thinks my tractors sexy"?????? Perhaps if our famous local Kyle Chandler was riding it. It might really turn me on then.
Oh boy we have a puker right in front of us in the parade. You don't usually see a pucker till the end of the night. It is usually a drunk. Poor girl!
This is our second year to have a BBQ booth. We compete in the meat competition. There are six families this year! Ian our head honcho really stepped up the game on our booth this year! The guys get out there Friday afternoon to set up. They stay out there all night smoking meat. BTW, it takes years to get a spot at Founders! Ian finally got us one! Awesome job to Ian for fighting for a spot for us!
Can you say....meat coma????? t
Can you say....I'm sexy and I know it! Or perhaps....where did they get these carnies???
I run into the teenagers. Blake tells me to go away. Can you feel the love???? What I love about this fest is because we are from a small town you can let your kids run free. There is always someone you know around. We have very little crime here. They run around the carnival like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Blake we hardly see all weekend. We only see him when he needs more money. Cole has pretty much morphed into a mimi Blake so about the same for him. Now Aidan on the other hand likes to come report on drunks to us. He is my people watcher and not much gets past him. I sent Aidan to the carnival with a twenty dollar sheet of tickets. He lost them before he rode anything. I almost think he did it on purpose since he is not a fan of rides. He wants money for more tickets. I tell him sorry Charlie I'm not budging on this one. I give him a ten to go get ice-cream he loses it! I'm ready to ring his neck. I did find the ten, he dropped it before he left camp. I'm not budging on this one either...Sorry Charlie. Got to get a point across.
Aidan has a blast running around with his crew. Like I said before he loves to report the drunks. He comes to get me Saturday night to point out a guy who is completely passed out cold by the band. He wants me to take a picture. Since the police are surrounding him I decide it's not the best idea. I love a good blogging picture. I would have looked like a rude asshole though!
Saturday I run into my friend Jenny with my former dog. I tried like hell to talk Hub's into keeping this sucker. I'm usually pretty good at getting my way. He didn't budge on this one. I found the pup the perfect home though. I'm friends with the couple I gave her to on Facebook. Almost everyday they are posting pictures of the doggie. He goes hiking, boating, camping, and cruising all over Austin carefree. I couldn't be happier with the outcome! I'm almost jealous...thinking they should have taken me instead.
A fest is not complete without a funnel cake.
Never got the kids on leashes thing.....I could see kids with duct taped mouths....but not leashes. My friends Erin and Robin need to throw some healthily asparagus into our meat coma!
The judges come around to rate our camp. We woo them with our super fun ness!!!
We win them over with the flamingo glasses! Thanks to our Evil genius Ian...master of our super fun camp, we get forth place.
Got love a guy with a dog! Especially one that fits in his backpack.
Help me, Help me! I talk my friend Robin into beating the shit out this car for fun. You might be a red neck....if your at the red neck fest beating the shit out of a car for fun. The funniest part of this was the guy before her that went. I couldn't really make out what he was yelling as he beat the shit out of the car. One time I thought he yelled.....BETH. Then I thought he yelled....FUCK. I think he may have been yelling...FUCK BETH. Poor Beth this guy looked evil. I tried to talk Robin into yelling an X boyfriends name. She would just not go that red neck.
Back at the camp the flamingoes are kicking ass and taking names!
My friend Erin had to get into the red neck action. Now Erin was also there while that guy screamed profanity at the car. She hit the car and yelled...ZACK. It was so funny! Her husband Zack was standing there laughing. Got love her sick sense of humor. Girl after my own heart.
I think I'm sexy and I know it....NOT! Where is the guy from "what not to wear"! Dude would have a field day with this one. I wish I got the front view of the full on beer belly! Does she not own a mirror. Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking or seeing. Thank God I have good friends that would tell me to go home and change!
If he ever gets "the one he loves" this is so going in their wedding video. What I love about Cole is he has liked this girl since we moved here five years ago. He won't give up even though she only sees him as a brother. They have a great relationship and have a ton of fun together. Sometimes when she walks up he hums that dunnnn, dunnn, to dunnnn, wedding song. He does get a smile from her when he does that! What girl doesn't like attention. I really do think he will be a catch. I have burned into his brain respect for women. He is soooo funny too. Lets face it a guy that can make you laugh goes a long way.
One of my favorite parts of this is the drunk watch. This poor guy was in the camp next to us. I wish I had video, it was so much better than this photo. Dude kept falling back and his friends would catch him. You would hear them slur wooo, wooo, wooo. I feel for this guy in the am! I never met a hangover I enjoyed!
We topped off the night with a bomb fire.
Oh wait we topped off the night with another entertaining drunk. This poor girl would walk a few feet and have to stop to either puke or sit down. What I want to know is where are her girlfriends to help her?????

Anyway, another great year at Founders. Ian did an amazing job with our camp. I think everyone had a great time! Blake had a little middle school drama. Two of his main friends have decided to try and get people not to like him or talk to him. As a Mom it breaks my heart, you never want to see your kids go through anything negative. As a Mom with a few beers in her at the fest I want to go tell them off. Of course most of the time there is a rational side to me that talks me off the crazy ledge. I think what bothers me most is the one kid has been a frequent flyer at my house since we moved here. I have treated him like family. I know it's middle school drama that stems from a girl, we all did the same crap in middle school. I really hold no ill will towards these kids. I have been there done that crap too. I guess we have to live and learn. It still breaks my heart to see my baby go through this kind of pain. In life you find that some of the friends you hold tight end up hurting you. I think most of us have experienced this a time or two. We have probably brought this on to someone in our lives as well. Some of us knowing some of us not knowing. We have all hurt people in our lives. I just don't like to see my kid hurt. I want nothing but great things for him. It is truly hard to sit back and watch when your kids feelings are hurt. You want to tell them that this middle school drama will not matter later in life. The problem is to them it matters now. When you get to the point where you can't fix things for your kid it freaks you out. Girls are different though. It won't hurt you as much unless your a girl. Girls hold on to anything bad that ever happened to them. This is why I tell my boys to respect girls and never do anything hurtful to them. We DON'T get over it!!!! So while writing this blog there are 500 hundred black bugs flying around my light. Hello, love Texas....hate Texas bugs. I keep killing them on the screen....Just saying! Once again I write bad, spell bad, and have bad grammar. But after I write I'm too tired too proof read. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants girl.

Oh yes, almost forgot. While driving home from my friends house tonight. Cole was talking about some guy named Jimmy. I say who is Jimmy???? He says...."my carnival friend". Gotta love Cole friending the carnival people! Boys going far in life!

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