Saturday, November 30, 2013

What I am Thankful for........

What I am thankful for........This picture says it all! What we forget when we are complaining about the annoying things happening to us all day.....Lots of people are fighting to survive. I fight to survive everyday but not like a lot of others who are truly fighting to survive. My hat is off to anyone fighting for this!

I am Thankful for so many things. I'm Thankful for my family even if sometimes I imagine a totally different life for myself. I have always been an imaginary type of person. Even when I was a kid. Sometimes I'd imagine myself as Brady. Who didn't want to have those perfect pig tails like Cindy. I imagined myself with the huge catholic family that so many of my friends had. Big brothers, big sisters, sounded grand. Now that I am older I'm thankful for my family. The Brady bunch kids were all messed up! Who knew! Just read their biographies now. I still would kill for an Alice. Just saying.....

I am Thankful for my kids. I never imagined myself with three boys! EVER! As a young adult I imagined myself married to any 80's star. Mostly someone from the brat pack. Rob Lowe comes to mind. I imagined myself with girls. I'm a girly girl. Always have been. I love pink, lipgloss, bows, girly clothes, pink everything, and oh yes, lots of pink anything. God had a different plan for me. It has involved lots of blue and lots of sports. Like every weekend! Who knew I would be thankful for sports and actually understand them! Love these boys!

I am thankful for my health, even if it has given me a run for the money at times. Health is something you never really think about until yours does you wrong. I got diagnosed with MS when I was 36. I never really worried about my health before then. It took me many years to come to terms with this. Then one day I thought...."Ya know, It's not a death sentence, and a lot of people deal with that". It could be worst. So I'm thankful it is not worst! Plus I ignore it!

I'm thankful for a really good husband. To find someone who really loves you..the good, bad, and the evil is something to be thankful for. Plus the ugly person that wakes up not made up and maybe crabby. And I can be can he though! We have not had a perfect ride by any means. Many times I think we both think the grass is greener on the other side. But we are "all in" as Dripping would say......Thank you Chris Payne for starting that sayin! But in the long run we have each others back and put up with each others shit. Do I imagine myself with someone Taye yes sometimes! But I have told Michael if I whisper Taye just ignore it! It's my evil twin! My God we are married not dead! He can whisper Jennifer Aniston to me any day!

I'm Thankful for my parents. I really think they are awesome. I wouldn't trade them for say Mike and Carol.....even if I might of as a teen! We have a great relationship now. Not so great as a teen. I guess most people aren't super crazy about their parents as teen. I kind of thought mine were clueless! I get it now that I have my own teen. Totally paying for my raising! Dad......aka...Grumps should get a good laugh!

I'm Thankful for my siblings. My God they were a torn in my side when they came along. I was too old to get siblings. I was so used to be the only one when they came. That may be why I'm such an attention whore. A therapist would have a field day with me. They screwed me up for awhile. But now my sister is my best friend. I could never imagine not having her. Even if I could tell you the most awful stories about growing up with her. I could tell you lots of good ones too. But now she's my go to  girl even if she hates to pick up her phone! She finally gave me that girl I always wanted. I have the best niece ever. So thankful for Ella! My Dad always says she is just like me! God help her. My brother when he came was like my baby. He was such a cute kid. I'm so thankful for him. I just want him to find happiness. I think he has a great heart and needs a good women. He has lived with me a few times. I have had a lot of fun with him. I want only the best for him.

I'm thankful for all my extended family. I have the best Aunts, uncles, cousins, mother in law, sister and brother in laws in the world. Really, I do! I enjoy all of them. I have great times with all of them. I can not complain about any of them. I love spending time with all of them. I could go into great detail about each and everyone one of them...but we would be here forever!

I'm thankful for my Grandparents. One I never got to meet but I hear he was great. I'm sad a lot that I never got to meet him. I think he might have liked me. I bet I would have liked him too. My moms mom was great. She should have been around a lot more but God took her too soon. I have great memories of her...I wish the others did. She died when a lot of my cousins and sibling were young. My Dads dad was great too. He was a funny guy..I think I got my my dry sense of humor from him. But the one person I really connected with was my dads mom. She died on Thanksgiving three years ago. It makes Thanksgiving hard. But if I look at the glass half full. I'm Thankful for her. More Thankful than anyone realizes. I was the oldest grandchild. I got her the longest, plus she got to see all of my kids. My God she thought they were the greatest things ever. She was my perfect person. To this day the hardest thing I have ever done was to say to goodbye to her.

I'm thankful for my friends. And oh my God the older you get the more informed you get about friends. Family is forever and friends come and go. Oh how painful it is to realize this. As a kid you never get that. Now don't get me wrong I have some great friends. A few I have traveled with a long ways. A few that I have made in later years. I have lived and learned. I was naive in my younger years. Thinking that my friends were the best things ever. I've been burned a few times. I have probably burned a few on the way. But I can honestly say I never meant to. But truthfully I have some really core friends! I'm super thankful for that.  I'm probably blessed because I have a lot of good girlfriends and I'm picky.

I'm Thankful for a lot!

What I'm not thankful now......LOL

BOTOX....did a man invent this??????? I would be ok if not for this!!! Damn man!
Fighting...I hate when my kids fight.
Laundry...Hello sister wife...where are you???
Pain...I hate that people feel any sense, I want everyone to be happy!
Diets..come on can't we all be fat and happy!

Monday, November 25, 2013

We need a sex ed teacher in this house.

So we are still having a good laugh over here. Laughing about Cole thinking a tampon is a pregnancy test. Tonight we went to a fab dinner party. Thankful for the great friends we have here. When we got home we were all around the table chatting. Blake...aka...the not so charming prince was gracing us with his presence. So I start to tell him the story about Cole thinking a tampon is a pregnancy test. We laugh a lot! We are pretty bad about laughing at each others short comings in this house. Cole tries to say he really knew and was messing with me. He's totally lying. So Blake says "do you know what a tampon is now?????". Cole says..."Yes, it's when a girl pees out blood". Blaaaa, haaaaa. haaa! Close but no cigar! Like I said I'm thankful for this naive boy.

I don't even know how but the topic of circumcision comes up. So Blake says..."Cole, do you know what that is??". He makes this face like he is stupid for asking and says..."Of course I do". Blake says..."Well what is it". He calmly says.."It's when a man gets his penis enlarged". I almost choke and say..."Where did you hear that?". He says..."I saw it on a movie". "Well hot shot, your wrong once again". He looks at me like I have three heads and says..."I'm right". Blake pipes in as he's laughing and says..."Your so wrong". So I start a conversation I didn't see coming on the extra skin that is cut off on a penis. Cole listens and says..."Did you get rid of my extra skin?". I say.."Yes, it's done when your a baby". He asks a really good question. He says..."Who decided we didn't need that skin and that it needs to be cut off???".  I pee a bit and say..."Ya know, I have no idea, but I bet it was a women".

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The birds and the bees in this house needs some work.

So I'm working again! I'm a good worker. I have always done well at any job I have had. I guess I have my parents to thank for that..I guess after raising three boys I can do anything. I'm kind of enjoying it. Don't tell hubs though! I'm playing the "I hate working" card a bit. But shit going to work on a Saturday just sucks! Unless your boss brings really smooth tequila to work. I kind of need to be comfortably numb lately. Yep I may have landed my dream job! So I worked today. Kids stayed home alone. Did I come home to a tornado???? Um.....yes! Hello I kind of want a sister wife about now! Those morans/mormons are on to something! (spelling?) I have no idea If I spelled either right!

I stopped at my dream home I'm building on the way home. I can't really even put into words what this is like to build this dream home. First of all let me say I'm blessed being able to build this. I do realize some people never get to do this. But cluster fuck comes to mind. Maybe two years ago when the Austin housing market was in a slump I would have had better luck. But this has caused me many tears and lots of shit fits! Just ask Hubs! I'm starting to understand two year olds! Hubs and I have had probably are biggest fights in 18 years of marriage over this dream house. Well one of our biggest, I would never blog about the big one. I do have a filter. There is that saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Well I must be strong as shit after this!  It has not been a smooth ride for sure. Maybe it's a test for us. But since we are still raising three kids together we need to stay together. Thank God for those kids...otherwise I would be living downtown in great loft wearing fab boots! This house has been one step forward two steps back all the way. The end result is always better than expected though. If I actually went through all that has gone wrong I would be here forever! You would be bored for sure. My biggest concern right now is they stoned over something I need to start the outside fireplace. They also walled in some pretty important electric stuff, the septic system was designed to shoot shit in our pool, and yes the plans showed a one wants to fix or take blame for it either,  didn't cut the granite on the tub right, put the wrong windows in, Forgot some key stuff with cabinets, put the wrong tile in, and haven't finished a bunch of stuff that should be done. Am I complaining??? Yes, a little for sure. Since I was supposed to be living there three months ago. Are they building a perfect house???? Yes, I love everything about it. I even love the paint colors which I stressed about for months!

My builder as much as I bitch has done a fantastic job. If only I was in it when I supposed to be he might be perfect. He may actually hate me now even if he enjoyed my charm at first. That being said..."good things take time" has a new meaning! I have given up two Halloweens, two thanksgivings, and I hope I'm not giving up two Christmas's being in a rental. Most of our stuff is in storage. When you get to a certain age giving up these things is not in your favor. I'm on the last of my years with my kids in my house. I want to enjoy them. Plus last year I bought everything up after Xmas because I just knew I would be in the Christmas walk in Dripping this year! Well that is not going to whoooo! It makes me mad that I'm bitching in a way. I'm damn lucky to be building this perfect home. But my years are numbered with these people I live with. They will hopefully fly the coop soon. Just did a little happy dance.  Now if only I raised perfect people.....Not so much...they all could use a good therapist! But so could I. Hello padded cell our name is Cavender...can we please get a group rate?????

So tonight was Saturday night. Should I have something better to do than drive kids back and forth to jump wild. Um, yes! In my fantasy world I would be in my loft with really expensive boots and a hot boyfriend. When I picked them up..Cole and Aidan were fighting. Shocking right????? Blood pressure on the rise! Cole says to Aidan  "take your tampon out, your acting like a girl". I chime in...I ask.."Cole, do you even know what a tampon is?". He says..."Yes, mom I know what a tampon is". I say.."Well what is it?". He says..."it's that thing you girls put in your privates to find out if your pregnant". My blood pressure comes down a bit...because I'm laughing to the point where I'm peeing because giving birth to three kids killed any badder control. Wish I took kegals more serious! I say..."um hot shot, your so frickin wrong". He says.."No, I'm not". I say.."There is a stick you pee on to find out if your pregnant, if your using a tampon you are so not pregnant". He says.."mom your wrong". I say.."I know you don't look at me as girl, but I am one, and you do not put tampons in your womanly parts to see if your pregnant". "You pee on a stick". "Tampons are for when your not PG, and you need to talk to Dad about all this". "Thank God you are clueless, makes me feel a little happy, since your older brother is a pro". Thanking God for one person in this house being naive.....which they should be at this age.....Let me tell you I wrote this post tired. So there are probably mistakes or bad grammar. Too tired to proof read. So be kind!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pig Pen has a girlfriend

It's been a busy few months for sure. Two playing football, one playing baseball, I started a job, and we are STILL building my/our dream house. Yes, it's been over a year now!!!!!!!! I have refrained from blogging during this time. No body wants to hear me cuss like a sailor. Especially my Dad...aka...Grumps! So we are about three months into the school year. It's had its up and downs for sure. Car rides with these people make me feel like my ears are bleeding sometimes. If you live in the area you have probably seen me swerving down 290 at least ten times a day. I'm usually yelling, crying, or laughing depending on the day. My Mom...aka Debbie tells me I will miss these days someday. I would love to say she is wrong but she probably is right. My children seem to think that being in my car gives them a fast pass to any fast food restaurant in the area. They are always STARVING when in the car. Even if they just ate or are about to eat. They can be such drama queens. They also think as soon as they get in the car they can play their music. Because they own the car right??? Guess what no one wants the same music on in the car. It's like they get in the car and grow red horns and tails with that diamond thing on the end. They try to parent each other and insult each other over everything. They are most annoying. Hard to imagine that I will miss this someday! If you ever see me running on 290 you will know they finally broke me. This will mean I have parked the car and gave up! Send help!!!! They sound like a bunch of assholes don't they???? Well they can be in the car!

Lately we have been arguing about "Their" money. They think that because they have some they should be able to waste in on anything they please. I try to tell them I have money too. I can't just spend it on anything I please. Cole...aka....Big Drama says..."You buy what ever you want at HEB". I laugh and say..."HEB, is the grocery store, I have to buy that crap to keep you alive, it doesn't count". Aidan...aka...Pig Pen chimes in that I get to buy boots. I say...."I work you shit bird, and when you do you can buy boots". I say "if it were up to me I would have way more boots and much more expensive boots but y'all bleed my boot fund dry with your sports". They keep arguing their point. Coming up with ridiculous things I spend money on. I finally say "Ya know what, I'd really like to have this annoying fat sucked out of my chin, but I can't.....even if I have the money to do it because you just can't spend money on whatever you please". Unless you shit it!!!!!! They look at me like I have three heads and dangling eyeballs! And then they start to argue that it's their money. Can't wait till they have their own children.

So Pig Pen has his first girlfriend. They text non stop. I have a good time checking his text. Because they are ridiculous. She loves to send him pics of everything she is doing. Their text are pretty funny and a little dramatic. So last night I was checking his phone after he was asleep. I seriously was laughing out loud!!!! They use those Emoji's after every text. Tons of hearts and smiley faces doing all kinds of crazy things! Every text starts with a "HeHe or HaHa". It also ends with a "HeHe or HaHa". Then lots and lots of emoji's. So it's usually something like..." ya doing? HaHa...hearts, flowers, and smileys. But last night they had a breakup. I hate that I was laughing but damn it was entertaining. Almost as entertaining as "the girls of drip" can get. So I have to share.

GF.....We're breaking up. For sure this time......
Pig Pen....Why???? Followed by tons of crying smiley people.
GF....I heard you are just dating me cause I'm so popular....Followed by a crying smiley.
Pig Pen....What are you talking about???? Followed by a crying smiley and then a sad face one.
GF...So and So told me that.....Followed by a thumbs down emoji
Pig Pen....WHAT??????? No emoji to follow, no hehe or haha either! (this is serious)
GF...... 1.U never talk to me!!!!
            2.I hear things you say!!!!!
            3. You talk about the most retarded stuff!!!!
            4...I don't want to date you, you are weird!!!
            5..Sorry, it's just how it is..
Pig Pen.....But I love you....Followed my so many heart EMOJI's It was ridiculous.
GF....I'm sorry it's over....Not a hehe, haha, heart or smiley.
Pig Pen.....One more chance PLEASE...(I didn't teach him to be so desperate)
Some time goes by.
Pig Pen....I will do anything.....(I wish he would have consulted me before sending that)
GF....What would you do?????
Pig Pen...ANYTHING, I mean it!!!!!!
GF....Fine but this is your last chance with me.
Pig many heart and smiley emoji's it's embarrassing.
GF....1...last time I mean it.
 better do something nice for me.
 better talk to me.
Pig Pen..OK with a winking smiley.

OMG, I was rolling. So dramatic and ridiculous. To be a kid in this day and age! He gets his first taste of how high maintenance us girls can be!!!!!!

I have to end with a funny car story.....Cole...aka Big Drama and I were driving to school. We were going over his science stuff. He was having a test that day. It was about the reproductive system. There was a question about lady parts. His response was "ladies have overalls". Yep if you saw me that day my car may have swerved but I was laughing! Maybe I will miss this a far, far, away land....wearing very expensive boots....and having no chin fat!!!!!!