Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mom of the year

 Our sweet little community had a Mom of the year contest. It was a tight race but my friend Erin and I tied for first. We took the news well eventually. At first we were tugging at the trophy . Kinda like it was the last piece of candy that fell out of the piñata. We might have pulled each others hair trying to get it away from each other , but who cares right????  We may have screamed "It's mine"! But we came to terms that there are two great mothers in Drip. I couldn't be more proud of my great accomplishment.
So then there was my week. As a mom of three boys there are OK weeks and then there are bad weeks. This happened to be the not greatest one for mom of the year! I'm working now….almost full time. If you consider getting to work at 11am. I can rock that showroom from 11-6! I do my best work then. No one wants to see before 11. Not pretty…..just ask all my closest friends. So one night I got home. My kids are not used to me working so much. I had a Pinteresting week. What I mean by that is I have made dinner from Pinterest. As good as this shit looks on pinterest, it can be hit or miss. So I had put a pinteresting recipe in the crock pot. Hub's was tied up at something called work this night. The kids and I came home to eat. They were picking at my dinner. I was juicing trying to lose the "I'm over 40 and everything goes straight to my ass". Cole who will usually eat anything I put in front of him says….."I don't like this, it taste weird". I start to fake cry. I look over at Cole who is laughing uncontrollably. I see this and I'm hurt. I say "Why are you laughing when I'm upset???". He says…"You look funny and it's weird cause I like most of what you cook, it's one thing, why are you freaking??".  I start to cry for real.

So I cry for real not because my kids hate my pinteresting meal. I cry because there is so much more going on in my world that my kids have no idea about. Cole sees the real tears and starts to eat. Telling me he loves this meal, he was just lying before. I say.."Throw the meal away and make mac and cheese". The two others run to the pantry to get the mac. Cole being the sensitive one eats the awful meal telling me he loves it. He's going to make a fabulous husband someday. I say…"really Cole get the mac, this is not about you hating what I cooked". He says.."Are you sure, cause I will eat it if it makes you that sad". I tell him "I'm sad about other things".  He is the sweetest kid ever and wants to know why I'm sad. The others are deep into mac and a peanut butter and jelly. I tell him…"I was just kidding about crying over this meal y'all hate". I say I'm upset over adult stuff. He wants to know……love this kid. I'm actually upset because I have a great friend fighting a tumor or maybe a rare kind of MS. I also have a brother fighting a demon….and I just feel overwhelmed by all of it. He being wise beyond his years says..It is what it is and everything will work out the way it should". I think…who raised you?????

So onto the next messed up day. Blake….aka..the not so charming prince has a track meet. I grab Aidan and we head out to watch him. We put the address in the annoying car lady. She says it will take us an hour to get there. Plenty of time to see him pole vault. What the car lady did not see coming was Austin traffic. Two hours and 15 minutes later we arrive at the meet. My blood is boiling at this point. We make it to the fuck its far school and look for kids vaulting. We run over and they say this is the girls. They tell us where the boys are and we run…….may have got rid of a cheeseburger or two! We finally make it to Blake's last vault….he bombs it! But what we didn't see is he is last man vaulting and takes first! So proud!

On to the next day. I go to work. Pick up Aidan…aka..pig pen from school. In that time…the five minutes it takes to get him home  he bitches about going to jump wild. He told me ten times he wants to jump wild tonight. I kinda of want to burn that place to the ground. I drop him and go back to work. When I get home no one is here. I put together another new pinteresting meal. Which turned out ok…..I hate that! Looked good online. I'm browning ground beef, sauteing veggies, throwing things in a pot. Making a great meal…muti tasking for sure. Hubs comes in with the kids at 6:45. My oldest the not so charming prince stopped for taco bell after school. So he has no interest in my meal….only wants a ride to friends house. Has only told me this ten times. The other two come in and want to be at Jump Wild by seven….and yes that's 15 minutes away. I say.."I cooked dinner". They say.."Not hungry, we will eat after". I say..or scream.."We will eat as a family, and I don't know why I bother". They say.."No time to eat". This goes on for a while…back and forth……fighting for the who's right. I finally scream to Hubs.."Get these people the hell out of here before I bitch slap everyone of them and go to jail". Hubs sends them to their rooms. I keep cooking ready to cry again.

So they come down knowing they crossed the line with me. They are eating and cleaning up after. I'm a sucker and take them to jump wild after they get me.

So you may be scratching your head wondering how the hell I got mom of the year. It was a nice thought, but a made up one. By no means am I mom of year…totally lied about that. Erin didn't get it either! Has me thinking is there really of mom of the year???? Um yes, I can think of a few actually……but not me or Erin…Sorry Erin! It is what it is!

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